INSANITY MAX 30 with Shaun T

Insanity Max 30 with Shaun T
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What is INSANITY MAX:30?
INSANITY MAX:30 is Shaun T’s NEWEST program, creator of INSANITY and Focus T25.

Does INSANITY MAX 30 have new moves?
YES, Shaun T has 150 NEW strength and cardio moves to push you harder than ever before.

How long are the workouts?
INSANITY MAX:30 will be 30 minute workouts!!
Be ready to MAX OUT. It’s not about “getting through” all 30 minutes, it’s about going as hard as possible, for as long as possible, until becoming “MAXED OUT” (i.e. until taking the first rest and/or breaking proper form).

When can you order INSANITY MAX 30?
It’s available now.

What Equipment is Needed?
No equipment is needed, just your own body weight and movements.

12 Workouts on 10 DVD’s
150 NEW Moves
60 Day Wall Calendar
No Time to Cook Guide
Nutrition to Max Guide
Max Out Guide
Bonus Workout:  Sweat Fest

Insanity Max 30 with Shaun T

insanity max out 30