The INSANITY T-shirt is awesome.  My wife and I both got them within 6 days of sending in the form.  We wear them to work out in, at night, even in public and it is a great conversation starter!

Before starting INSANITY, make sure to do the following:

1) Take your before pictures (front, back, left side, right side, and 45 degree angle)
2) Take your measurements [weight, size (pants or dress), body fat %, chest (inches), waist (inches), hips (inches), leg (thigh) (inches), arm (bicep) inches]

Steps to get the Free INSANITY t-shirt:

1) Setup a free team beachbody account.   Free TeamBeachbody Account (opens in a new window)
2) Make sure you have your before and after measurements: weight, size (pants or dress), body fat %, chest (inches), waist (inches), hips (inches), leg (thigh) (inches), arm (bicep) inches, start date, completion date
3) Download the form Insanity Free t-shirt form
4) Fill out PDF online, print, and sign it.
3) Make sure you have 1 of the following: your receipt, packing slip, picture with the INSANITY kit, or credit card statement
4) Send an e-mail with the scanned documents and before and after photos

You will receive an email in a couple days letting you know the order was shipped and when it will arrive.

Let me know below in the comments section when you receive it!

Pictures of the Insanity T-Shirt

Insanity Free T-ShirtInsanity Free T-Shirt


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