p90x insanity hybrid schedule

P90X Insanity Workout Schedule Hybrid


p90x insanity hybrid schedule The P90X and INSANITY Workout Schedule is a hybrid of both programs.




What workout to do after P90x or INSANITY?

  1. You could do P90X2. It is the sequel to P90X and is really a total body workout, all new moves to build on the original workout routines in P90X.
  2. You could do INSANITY ASYLUM. This is a 30-day program and is intense! It was filmed on an indoor turf field and is one of the most challenging in home workouts on the market.
  3. You could do a combination of workouts from P90X and INSANITY. Here is the link to download the workout schedule to this

    hybrid: P90X/Insanity Workout Schedule (PDF)

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